Recommended books

1936. Le monde de Front Populaire

Author(s): Serge Wolikow

Secret Cables of the Comintern, 1933-1943

Author(s): Fridrikh I. Firsov, Harvey Klehr, and John Earl Haynes

          “Romanian Communist Party Leaders, 1921-1944. Prosopographical analysis” is a postdoctoral research, supported by a grant provided by the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, through the Human Resources Program and hosted by National Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism.

          This project carries forward some old research, one of them finished with PHd Thesis entitled “Communist Party of Romania during World War Two. Ștefan Foriș’ Case, 1940-1944” and it aims a journey into the underground Romanian Communist Party history, constructed using the prosopographical method. Starting from ordinary party members’ short biographies, passing through the history of illegal communist party, the final goal of this research is to realize a portrait of interwar Romania.  

          The recent release of an abundant archival material allows the investigation of a subject like Romanian interwar communism, investigated through “human resources” fascinated by communist utopia.